new url

as of june 22, 2013, chianlove is gone.
the reason for this being is simply because, bluntly, they're not together anymore or on very perfect terms so you could understand why it's a bit difficult to run a blog about them.

i know that a lot of you came to the blog to kind of get the 411 on chachi and ian but there are definitely a few sources on tumblr that could still keep you up to date with them. they've become pretty private and that just makes it all the more harder to update a blog like ours. even if they reconcile there probably won't be a lot to post off of. it's time for their relationship to be only their thing.

it's pretty cool to say we were the first chian blog ever since feb 2012! being noticed by chian themselves was incredible. best of luck to chachi and ian in everything they do separately or together :)

the new blog that's replaced chianlove can be found by the new url arrow. (it has nothing to do with chian and that's why all our posts as chianlove are deleted. in the event that i don't want to run the new blog anymore the entire account will be deleted.) xoxoxoxoxo bye
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